Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gisburne Redux

Apparently, Nick Gisburne has put his website back up. Here's his explanation:

As you know I closed my web site recently, apparently a permanent thing. So once again I'm back and... I'm messing with you, right? I give that impression, I'm aware, but please understand that I find it difficult to keep on talking about atheism, purely because I feel so strongly about the things on this site and in my book. Sometimes it becomes too hard for me to look at what religion does to the world, and I have to shut myself off from it, completely. I'm complicated, that's all I can say. But here, by popular demand, is the return of my web site, with my sincere apologies to those people who felt let down when I took it offline. I can almost guarantee this will not be the last time I do it, but please stick with me through the bad times!

Read this blog entry to see why I decided not to leave after all.


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