Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Button a Week Challenge

First, a little background. For quite some time, I've imagined myself as an activist or philantropist. Seems I imagine things a lot. Between the time I spend at school, work, and my social life, I'm left with little time to be a fairly active activist and I have little unused funds to be a decent philanthropist. Additionally, I'm very quiet about my beliefs for fear of critisizm. I suppose you could say that I have a weak self-esteem. But enough on this.

While browsing the products at, it occurred to me that many of the buttons that they sell (mostly activist oriented) are also available at a local music store. Convienent for me, seeing as I don't have a credit card and I want to avoid international shipping fees. The one downside to this is that the music store's selection is somewhat limited.

This foray into Internet window shopping (Did I just make a pun?) gave me an idea: wear a button every day, every week, for a year; with a different button each week.

52 buttons. 117.54 dollars. (Tax incl.)

What have I gotten myself into?

This Week's Button: "Coffee is God."

1 comment:

AfterVerner said...

maybe you could just add a button per week. like, week one, one button, week two, two buttons, etc...

52 Buttons by the end