Saturday, November 25, 2006

Starbucks and the Button a Week Challenge Continues...

I spent way too much money today. I don't have the reciepts with me, but I figure I spent somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50~70 dollars. I guess it's hard to resist the temptation the day after you get your paycheck. The problem is, I need to save so I can pay for my trip to England and France this June.

Here's a rundown of what I bought, if memory serves:

Issue of PC Gamer [with CD]
Teach Yourself Visually Guide to Knitting
A day-by-day calendar for 2007 [with discount]
Benighted by Kit Whitfield [with discount]
Coffee at Ralph's
Latte at Starbucks

Not paying for any of it with a Mastercard: Priceless.

After my shopping spree, I went over to a Kyle E 's house and to Starbucks in the evening to meet with Werner and Matthew P. I had intended to discuss Stephen Harper's recognition of Quebec as "a nation within Canada." However, we quickly moved on to other topics, notably Werner's vintage Soviet longcoat.

After, we went to Tanner's Books and had a fun time browsing. One notable find was "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide to History." It included such gems as how to win a bayonet fight, defend a medieval castle, and how to defect from the USSR.

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This Week's Button: Never apologize for your art.

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AfterVerner said...

Was this here yesterday? The date says it was...sorry. My bad. Yeah, tanners was pretty spectacular. I would love to go on shopping rampages with you, as in you would see my reckless spending, which may cause you to stop yours. That or encourage it. hmm..

It's a good coat. Who would ever want to defect from a place with coats like that?