Saturday, December 02, 2006

STD and B.

No, not sexually transmitted diseases and bears. Starbucks, Tanner's, December, and Buttons. Although "Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Bears" sounds like it would make an interesting research topic. [Just out of curiosity, I googled it and found nothing relevant. But I did find this:
The STD Bear

Our weekly meeting at Starbucks was once again [insert appropriate adjective here.] We had a fairy brief discussion on the Liberal Leadership Race in Montreal, before moving on to other, more mundane and humours matters. I think I may have even scarred Jon for life. On another note, I made myself a pair of environmentally friendly, 60% post-consumer fibre bracelets from some coffee cup sleeves.

After Starbucks, some of us went to Tanner's to browse. The clerk commented that it was my third time visiting that day. I had browsed on the first and third visits, I bought an issue of Dragon Magazine and a copy of Moon Called by Patricia Biggs on my second visit. Starting to sound like last week, isn't it?

December. Where the heck did that come from!? October only seems like it was yesterday. [I know October isn't a day of the week, thank you.] This month of the year seems so very far away around February or March, but when you get to around October or November, it almost feels like time accelerates. It's not possible of course, but hey, time flies when you're having fun.

Before I forget, I went to the Serious Coffee that opened next to the Red Brick Cafe. The coffee was about as good as what they have at the Red Brick Cafe [Which isn't saying much] and the price and quantity was comparable to Ralph's Coffee and Tea House. The food they had when I visited looked comparable to what one might find at Alexander's or Cafe Med on Beacon Avenue. [The Red Brick Cafe beats them there.] The only things that I liked: The modern atmosphere, the original art on the walls [for sale!] and the fact that they had a flat-panel television. They also had "Flowering White Tea" which I think I will have to go back and try. It definately seems like a 'once in a while' coffee shop to me.

I also went into town with Mike. The Mayfair Shopping Centre, specifically. He was kind enough to buy me an early Christmas present, despite all my protests. Now I have to get him something...

This Week's Button: Get real, like Jesus would ever own a gun and vote Republican.


AfterVerner said...

That sounds like a solid button. Unfortunately, it might be more offensive than constructive. So Serious coffee isn't that great huh? All the more reason for me to work there...I could make it better. One can dream, right?

Yea cool kids chilling at Tanners.

Anonymous said...

I saw that flowering tea at serious coffee...It's pretty cool looking! And yeah, the coffee isn't super amazing, but it's not as gross as some say. As for your Tanner's visits? Book shops are pretty cool.
PS: About that whole Mike bought you a Christmas present now you have to buy him one thing? I'm not so sure.. To me, you buy gifts for someone because you want to, not to get one in return. That's just my opinion, however.

jarjar_head said...

I can see where you're coming from, but I think that it's only polite. A gesture to show that I care, just as he cared enough to get me something.

Anonymous said...

Just a difference in oppinion I guess.