Saturday, January 06, 2007

End of Winter Break

So it's the end of winter break and school starts tomorrow. Hoo-rah. (That was sarcasm.) The holiday season was eventful, full of family and friends, games, and discussion. As I remarked to one friend while gift shopping (mostly for others but I did get a few things for myself), "I've spent more than I should have but less than I would have liked."

My mother had a hysterectomy after Christmas (for health reasons), but is out of the hospital now and is recovering nicely.

Marcie has behaved moderately well, and she begins puppy classes on Thursday. You know how they say that pets resemble their owners? Since I started growing my hair out, I've developed tufts of hair on the sides of my neck below my ears. They look awfully similar to the ones that Marcie has grown in the past few weeks.

I've never grown my hair out before, and I've become a bit fond of my pelage. I'm sure that the novelty will wear out in time though.

I don't have much that I would like to say (or would care to say) so I'm going to end with the buttons for this week and the past four weeks.

Dec. 9 - Dec. 15: There never was a good war or a bad peace. -Benjamin Franklin

Dec. 16 - Dec. 22: Oh well, I wan't using my civil liberties anyway.

Dec. 23 - Dec. 29: I think, therefore I'm liberal.

Dec. 30 - Jan. 5: Everything I need to know about live I've learned by reading banned books.

This week: America: The best democracy corporate lobbyists can buy.

P.S. I tried the blossoming tea at Serious Coffee. It's pretty good, unless you steep it too long. I think that about half of what you pay for is for the show though, but I would still recommend it.

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AfterVerner said...

yup. School is definately here again. Well, we had better get it over with. I think I like my hair shorter, but I dont cut it enough to know exactly where I like it, or enough to keep it short. But it's worth trying once.

I like buttons.