Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is It Okay?

Is it okay to lose a little of my faith in Humanity whenever I read news articles like these?

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Gets Even Harder

This woman's baby will be taken from her as soon as it is born.

The Latvian Connection

Idiot Judge Number 1.

Idiot Judge Number 2.

Collected from Lupa's Blog.


AfterVerner said...

Yeah, I guess so. You have to take the news with a grain of salt though. Why are they telling you this? What about the good things? But you knew that, because you aren't ignorant.

I was at a coffee shop the other day, and everybody so ridiculously nice. Not like, I have a free car nice, but... My bike fell over into the flowers because it was windy. Some guy picked it up. One of us at the table had five bucks fall out of their pocket, and another guy told us 'hey, it looks like one of you lost some money'. People are nice...

I don't know what to think.

Matthew said...

You should write something now.

Anonymous said...

hey...that was my 5 bucks! Yay- werner semi mentioned me in no relevance to me whatsoever.

Gooo werner.

Anonymous said... the way. I don't even know who "jarjar_head" should tell me- hook me up with your info so I can link you in my blog.