Friday, September 26, 2008

TMI Tuesday Trifecta

Rejected names include "TMI Tuesday Triple Treat" and "TMI Tuesday Triple Terror."

I know that this is exceptionally late, but I want to at least try to remain consistent.

Let's start with the newest TMI's and work our way backwards shall we?

TMI Tuesday #153

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever inserted or seen inserted (in a sexual manner) in person?

Oh dear.

The use of 'strange' makes this a very subjective question. I wouldn't think of anything I've personally used as strange, although I've only used one thing. For the record, I haven't seen anyone else insert anything in person.

2. Have you ever had sex anyone whose name started with a J?

*Snicker* Does myself count?

3. Have you ever been outside completely naked?

I don't ever recall being outside completely naked.

4. Do you prefer music, tv, or other noise in the background when you have sex?

I honestly don't know. I think some types of music would be nice, as well as nature sounds.

5. Have you ever used ice for sexual purposes?


Bonus: Have you ever been propositioned for group sex?

No. (Sadly.)

TMI Tuesday #152 - Rerun edition

1. Ever been stalked an ex [sic]? Stalked an ex? Or stalked 'a you'd like to be'?

No I haven't. Hopefully I'd be worried if I was or did.

2. How often do you reach orgasm during sex? Has then historically been true?

Usually once.

3. Teeth when used during oral stimulation, good or bad?

Coming from my angle? Bad. Possibly very bad.

4. How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? How many different sexual partners have you had in a 24 hour period?

Seven and one, respectively. (Does it really count if it's myself?)

5) Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone email your deepest secret too [sic] all your friends?

Hmm. Knowing my friends and knowing how self-conscious I can be, I'd rather take the latter.

Bonus: Have you ever kissed your partner on the lips after oral sex without brushing teeth, nor washing/gargling/rinsing out mouth? Turn on or off?

No, and no idea.

TMI Tuesday #151

1. Describe the perfect date for YOURSELF... what you would enjoy most.

I'm honestly not the dating type. I'm more of a 'meet people casually' person. I guess a nice dinner and an evening at the waterfront or the gardens.

2. Do you lean more toward being submissive or dominant?

I lean more to the submissive side. At this very moment, I'm beginning to wonder if it's more psychological than I originally thought. An effect of anxiety perhaps?

3. What do you usually wear to bed?

Over the last several months, whenever I've had the opportunity, I've taken to sleeping in the nude. I read an article at a naturist website touting the supposed health benefits of sleeping nude and naturism in general. Ever the skeptic, I decided to try it for myself. I believe that ever since the change I've been sleeping better. I also find the feeling of my comforter against my skin quite sensual.

(I can't find the exact article, but this .pdf is fairly good for anyone who's interested.)

4. Have you ever seen a counselor?

Yes I have. I'm not going to say anything else beyond that.

5. Lights on or off?

Lights on. Maybe lights off sometimes to mix it up.

Bonus: Have you or a partner ever faked an orgasm?


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