Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day

Today was an important day. It's the third federal election we've had since the turn of the millennium. At the time I'm writing this sentence, the polls are still open for another twenty-five minutes. I cast my ballot about forty minutes ago.

I didn't feel like I had an easy choice to make. Until last week, anyway. Vote splitting in my riding has been a problem. The Greens, National Democrats, and Liberals have traditionally fought the Conservatives for votes. The result being that the Conservative Party has held this riding for three successive parliaments.

The National Democratic candidate dropped out of the running this year. Regardless of that fact, I was caught between voting my conscience and making a smart vote. That is, a vote for a candidate that had a fair chance of winning. Forcing the electorate to make a choice like this is definitely one of the failures of our First-Past-the-Post system.

After my Conscience Vote Party unofficially endorsed my Smart Vote Party (at least in my riding) my decision became a bit easier. I'd rather not take a risk with my vote if I can help it. It's likely we'll have another Conservative minority, but maybe we'll unseat a MP and Cabinet Minister in this riding.

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