Friday, October 17, 2008

TMI Tuesday #156 - Foresight

I've often described myself as a private person. Given the rise of cell phones, instant messaging, and social networking websites, I sometimes wonder if that is truly the case. We've all heard the horror stories: employers finding incriminating photos of their employees and the like. The Internet has gained a sort of disassociation from reality in the public mind. People seem to forget that they are not always anonymous on the Internet.

Social pressure is a powerful force. It's why I often refrain from voicing my opinions except to a few close friends. I realize this is detrimental to my own interests and the interests of society, namely the free flow of ideas. Consequently, I've removed the disclaimers from some of my previous entries. No one has the right to not be offended. So here's throwing caution to the wind; and this week's TMIs.

1. What do you do that sends a clear signal to your partner that you're interested in an intimate evening?

I've never had a partner and I've honestly never had a serious relationship. In lieu of a deep impressive answer I'll settle for "Hey, wanna have sex?"

2. How important is foreplay to an exciting evening?

Once again, I'm not speaking from experience. But suffice it to say that foreplay is very important. It's what makes the rest of sex as enjoyable as it is. I'm sure a lot of people overlook foreplay for the act of sex itself; but I imagine that foreplay is a truly enjoyable experience in and of itself. Last but not least, foreplay builds tension.

3. What is the first thing you do during foreplay or what is the first thing you like done to you?

I have no clue. A lot of people seem to enjoy kissing and roaming hands. (To clarify, I know what to do but I don't know what I would do.)

4. Are you a one and done kind of partner (20 minutes or so) or do you like intimacy sessions longer than 60 minutes?

I would like to think the latter and not the former. Again, building tension.

BONUS: If you are interested in sex with a same-sex partner, what would be the first thing you'd like to touch on that other person, and why? (For those already in same sex relationships...what was the first thing you touched, or if you were interested in a relationship with the opposite sex, what would be the first thing you touched?)

[Overshare Imminent]

Just what my friends need to know about. My gay fantasy. I can think of a few things that I could find attractive on a guy...the chest, shoulders, neck, ears, hair. I'd probably go for the ass...just to find out what it's like.

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Bryi said...

My brain has gone the way of the dodo tonight, and I've said this before, but you're my hero for posting that "overshare"...which, IMHO, is not an overshare at all.

Also, you keep reminding me that I need to make those posts I have brewing about sexuality.

Another great TMI post, even if most of the answers were hypothetical! Looking forward to this Tuesday's.