Friday, April 10, 2009

Things I Hate #1: Price Tags

I was originally going to start this series by ranting about plastic, but I bought some books a while ago and that caused me to re-direct my ire.

I hate price tags.

Particularly on books. Especially on books. They're difficult to peel off, and sometimes they tear. Even if they don't tear they leave behind a nasty glue residue that's a pain to remove. Sometimes they leave blemishes on the cover. It doesn't matter whether it's a softcover book or a hardcover book.

Why can't book merchants just scan the UPC on the book cover, or use the recommended price printed on the dust jacket? Why can't they enter the USBN-10 or USBN-13 into their computers at the checkout to get the price? Or even the author, publisher, or title? It's not exactly outside the means of the larger book selling companies, like Chapters-Indigo or Waterstone's.

Price tags frustrate me.


Bryi said...

Yes. Oh my god. The only price tags that come off easily are the ones from Tanners books, and even then they're annoying. Gah.

My mother's ultimate pet peeve is the labels on fruit. You can't get them off without bruising the fruit or cutting it off.

jarjar_head said...

But at least those are edible.

~The Muse

Bryi said...

Are they really? I'd better tell mom.